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Organs awarded at the Icelandic Lighting Award 2020

Icelandic Lighting Award 2020 in the open category. Last year, product designer Sigga Heimis teamed up with Kristján Light artist, Gagarin and sound artist Gunnar Árnason to create an exhibition on human organs. The team wanted to raise general awareness of the new legislation that states every Icelander is an organ donor by default (unless one chooses not to be). About 30 Icelanders are in urgent need of an organ transplant every year. Their well being is a race against time. The installations are a mix of oversized glass organs design by Sigga Heimis and created by the New York-based glassblowers Corning Museum of Glass, but with added sound and light effects by Gunnar and Kristján that really brings the organs to life. The Gagarin design team added to that experience by using X Rays of real organs in the overall design and, with the help of the Directorate of Health in Iceland, transformed selected clusters of images into moving narratives with a meaningful message for the visitors.

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