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BioEffect Shortlisted

We've been nominated for the Best Lighting scheme in the category places low Budget in the Dark Awards  2020 for our project Bioeffect flagship store in Reykjavik, Iceland.

One of the lighting design's key goals was to provide uniform lighting throughout the store. Emphasizing on reflected illumination from the ceiling while maintaining an emphasis on display areas without producing unwanted shadows. Gradient lighting is used to light up the eye-catching turquoise threading, which is featured throughout the store. The floating shelves are visible both to ongoing pedestrians and visiting shoppers. . The centrepiece of the store is a threaded table with gradient lighting. Above it, a floral crown aligned with LEDs provides comfortable lighting in the centre of the store.

The project was teamwork and collaboration between Basalt architects,  Liska electrical and lighting design and Hildiberg Lighting designer Kristján Kristjánsson.

"[d]arc awards is a unique concept utilising arc and darc magazines' reputation as being the most widely read and respected lighting design publications in the world". For the next stage, it will be a peer-to-peer award. This means that only lighting designers, light artists, interior designers, and architects can take part in the voting. The winners will be announced at the [d]arc awards virtual online awards party scheduled to occur on Thursday, 29th April"


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