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Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber


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EFLA Kevan Shaw Lighting Design

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Scottish Parliament Corporate body


Kevan Shaw

Kristján Kristjánsson

Claire Hope

Jamie Foxen

Efi Stragali


Lee Boyd Ltd


Will Rudd Davidson


Harley Haddow

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Stoane Lighting


David Barbour

The Debating Chamber in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh is a complicated Lighting design project the spaces is an elegant architectural space. The spaces is also a TV studio during the parliamentary business.
The project brief was to review the existing lighting scheme, find out if there was any way of maintaining the old system. The system was obsolete, and new HDTV cameras were not working adequately with the old system do harsh shadows and bright spots. There was a need to improve the lighting system to maintain broadcasting standards. 
For the new design for the lighting system there where uses custom-designed LED light fittings to provide soft broadcasting light. for the new light fitting, we needed to be sure that the LED fittings would not cause problems with dimming curves and flickering. We spent time testing flickering on different led drivers, in the end, Eldoled drivers where the once we used. The new custom made fittings works were well up to broadcasting standards. 

The custom made fitting shape reflects the plan-form of the chamber, and the graphic figures on the fittings are found in the chamber. The quantity of graphic figures represents the number of sitting MSPs. 

The project includes daylight and sun path study since harsh beam of sunlight penetrate into the chamber was problematic for the broadcasting team and the member of the chamber. We worked on Daylight louvre design using time-lapse photos and syncing it with 3D modelling of the chamber.  After studying the daylight model, we determined optimal angles and spacing to exclude direct sunlight, but retain effective daylighting within the chamber.


IALD: Award of Merit, 2019 

Codega Awards: Winner of the First Prize for Lighting Design, 2018

Lux Awards: Highly Commended in Office, Education and Healthcare Lighting Project of the Year category, 2018

Lighting Design Awards: Commended in Workplace category, 2018 

Scottish Design Awards: Commended in the Lighting category, 2018

Darc Awards: Shortlisted in the spaces high budget category,  2018

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