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Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

New College Edinbugh


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EFLA Kevan Shaw Lighting Design

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University of Edinburgh



Kristján Kristjánsson

Eric Berntsson

Jamie Foxen


Harley Haddow


Tom Duffin

New College originally opened its doors in 1846 as a college of the Free Church of Scotland, today its one of the most renowned institutions in the world specializing in postgraduate studies in theology and religion. 

New College is located in the city centre on The Mound overlooking Princes Street Gardens and Princes Street. The neo-gothic building was designed by the respected 19th-century architect William Henry Playfair.

Working on projects involving historic buildings, we always protect their appearance. Ensure that all lighting equipment does not cause damage to buildings, and that modern lighting equipment is hidden. 

For the New college project, we emphasized the interplay of light and shadow to highlight the vertical towers. We wanted the light to bring out the detail of the geometry.  After the concept stage, all majority of the design work was done on-site. We performed on-site tests where the light quality,  colour temperature and reflection of the lighting was carefully examined. Doing it this way gave us the best possible results for the design. The design was, therefore based on tests and facts and not calculated guesses.

All light equipment except the old Windsor lanterns is well hidden, although over 60 light fittings are in the project. After the end of life for all the light fittings used in this project and they will be taken down. No damaged will be on the surface of the protected historic building.  


Tilnefnd í flokki lýsingar Skosku Hönnunar verðlauna // Lighting Category, Scottish Design Awards 2018

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