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Reykjavík Ísland




As part of the annual Icelandic Design Festival, Design March 2012, I wanted to honour the recently banned incandescent light bulb. This technology has been one of sciences and designs greatest creations, and I am remembering it through an art installation that uses only incandescent bulbs.
Using burned out light bulbs and casting video projections on them, we can follow the timeline of the incandescent bulb history. From its birth when Sir Humphry Davy used energy to produce light on a platinum wire, to the time when Thomas Edison got the patent for the most known incandescent bulb. We will not forget all those that took part in this invention from 1802 to 1880. 


1802 Sir Humphry Davy uses energy to produce light on a platinum wire. 1820 Auguste De La Rive designs the first incandescent lamp.

1835 James B. Lindsay demonstrates constant electrical light.

1840 William Grove develops the early incandescent lamp. 1841 Frederick de Moylens gets the first patent for the incandescent lamp.

1845 John Wellington Starr gets a patent for electromagnetic light, inspiring Joseph Swan to begin his research on lamps.

1850 Joseph Swan shows the carbonized paper filament lamps.

1854 Heinrich Goebel makes an incandescent electric light bulb that lasts it up to 400 hours.

1878 Joseph Swan makes the first incandescent lamp in an evacuated glass bulb.

1880 Thomas Edison shows the bamboo filament bulb that lasts 1200 hours.

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